Welcome to Bo's Floor, the Internet residence of Bo Yang Tang.

Keep track of your stats in the deckbuilding game Ascension.
I'm learning HTML5 <canvas>. Brace your eyeballs.
Manage your money and take control of your life in the newest 2014 Edition Cash Simulator. Featuring a wealth of currency denominations and virtually limitless cash simulation, Cash Simulator 2014 is the definitive next-gen simulation experience.
An in-development JavaScript-based gui/game engine using HTML5 Canvas.
My first time tinkering with HTML, CSS, and JaveScript. It's a reference to the Twitch chat spam. Click on "Molly" to start and cycle through the available colour effects. Remember to blink regularly. This work contains a sample of "Molly" (featuring Wiz Khalifa, Mally Mall & Cedric Gervais) by Tyga.
A digital stopwatch featuring start/stop and reset. Change the watch face by left clicking it. The watch will continue ticking even after page close.

My running servers as of 2016-01-03.


You can reach me in person or through the tubes. Maybe you'll see me in Duelyst or League.

Alternatively, send something to my mailbox at boyangtang dot ca.